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Emergency and Protective Services

We have a wide range of emergency services including:

Ambulance services are provided by the Lambton County Emergency Medical Services.

We have 3 stations:

  • Forest
  • Grand Bend
  • Thedford
Emergency Management Plan
The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act and its supporting Ontario Regulation 380/04 set out requirements for the development, implementation and maintenance of municipal and ministry emergency management programs

The Emergency Management Program elements contained in the Act and regulation constitute a core Emergency Management Program. This means that the program elements are focused on supporting emergency preparedness and response activities. Requirements include the designation of an emergency management coordinator, the writing of an emergency response plan and the formation of a program committee.  Ministries and municipalities are required to comply with the Act and regulation. Emergency Management Ontario (EMO) monitors compliance and supports ministries and municipalities in maintaining the required program.

Emergency Management Program By-law

The Municipality of Lambton Shores' Emergency Management Plan was developed and is maintained in order to protect residents, businesses and visitors. To do so, the Municipality requires a coordinated emergency response by a number of agencies under the direction of the Emergency Control Group.

The Plan provides key officials, agencies and departments important emergency response information related to roles and responsibilities in the event of an emergency. The aim is to make provision for the extraordinary arrangements and measures that may be taken to protect the health, safety, welfare, environment and economic health of the community.  It enables a centralized, controlled and coordinated response to emergencies in the Municipality of Lambton Shores and meets the legislated requirements of the Emergency Management Act.

Emergency Management Plan

The document is available in other accessible formats and with communication supports as soon as practicable and upon request.
 Emergency Preparedness

The County of Lambton has launched a new website designed to help local residents prepare for emergencies at home. includes information on a variety of topics including emergency preparedness and hazards in the Lambton County community.

Emergency Preparedness - Winter Readiness

In order to protect residents, businesses and visitors, the Municipality of Lambton Shores requires a co-ordinated emergency response by a number of agencies under the direction of the Emergency Control Group. These are distinct arrangement and procedures from the normal, day-to-day operations carried out by emergency services.

In a coordinated effort between the Municipality of Lambton Shores and Emergency Management Ontario, we can provide you with the following links for pertinent information in preparing for, during and post emergency management situations:

Emergency Preparedness Action Plan

Build an Emergency Survival Kit

Stay Informed-Alerting in Ontario

News regarding current Emergencies in Ontario

Canadian Red Cross-For Home and Family

Community Assistant Mobile Pavilion

Public Safety Canada

Emergency Facts Sheet Ontario

Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians

If you have any questions or concerns about the Municipality of Lambton Shores' Emergency Response Plan or any other issues regarding emergency preparedness, please contact: Chris Martin, Community Emergency Management Coordinator.  Email Chris Martin.

Emergency Response
We provide emergency response in the event of huge disasters. We maintain an Emergency Response Plan and operate from the Emergency Operations Centre located at the Thedford Village Complex. Included in our emergency response is the operation of 5 emergency reception centres. In the event of an emergency these centres will be opened to the public providing shelter, food and medical aid.

We maintain and operate 5 volunteer fire departments within our borders. These departments are located in Arkona, Forest, Grand Bend, Northville and Thedford as seen on the fire halls map. We are blessed to have such great services due to the commitment of our local volunteers.

Open Air Burn


Our services are provided by the Ontario Provincial Police through its Lambton Detachment. The OPP provide us with 24 hour service.

Lambton Group Police Services Board 

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