Grand Bend lifeguard tower

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Beach Safety

Grand Bend Beach Summer Patrol

Beach Patrol starts mid June and ends after Labour Day in September.


Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) 12pm-6pm
Weekends (Friday-Sunday) and Holidays - 11am-7pm

The Grand Bend Beach Lifeguards are all certified under the Lifesaving Society and are annually skills tested on waterfront rescues for compliance and competency. Beach Patrol provide public education, patrol the beach by foot and by the towers, search for missing people, inspect the beach for hazards, administer first aid and perform water rescues.

Postings and Closures

Each week, from late May to early September, water samples are taken at the public beaches are tested and monitored for high levels of bacteria, excessive algae growth, or other contaminants that could cause negative health effects associated with swimming. Warnings are posted when the levels of E. coli exceed the provincial guidelines. However, due to the delay in receiving lab results, beach goers cannot rely on only lab results to know if it is safe to swim. Learn how to make an informed decision about beach water quality before swimming.

An advisory is a warning to swimmers but it is not a beach closure. During an advisory, a beach is posted with warning signs when the water contains levels of bacteria that indicate there may be an increased risk of developing minor skin, eye, ear, nose and throat infections and stomach disorders. If you choose to swim during an advisory it may be prudent to avoid ducking your head or swallowing the water.

A beach closure is issued when a catastrophic event occurs or an immediate risk to health is present. Sewage spills or toxic chemical releases are examples. Beach closures are rare.

Beach Signage



Lambton Public Health - Caution

NOT POSTED- Swim with Caution

At this time, there are no warning signs posted at the beach, and levels of bacteria are within the acceptable range according to the Ministry of Health Beach Management Protocol.

Lambton Public Health - Warning

POSTED - Unsafe to Swim

Warning signs have been posted at the beach due to recent high levels of E.coli bacteria.

Beach Warning Flags 

The Grand Bend Beach features warning flags on the shoreline. A flag on the beach that the Beach Patrol are on duty.  Different coloured flags are used to communicate about swimming conditions.

Green Flag Green Flag Good conditions. No unusual hazards.
Yellow Flag Yellow Flag Moderate conditions. Swim with caution.
Red Flag Red Flag Danger! Swimming not advised.
 No Flag No Flag No Beach Safety Officer on duty.

Water Wise Program


Water Wise is an injury prevention campaign to reduce drowning and other water-related injuries. It does not matter if you are at the beach, on a boat or at a public or backyard pool, make your play around water safe to avoid injuries that can last a lifetime.

The goal of Water Wise is to raise awareness, provide education and to create supportive environments to promote water safety.

Life Jacket Lending Program

The program is free! Visit the Grand Bend Beach Concession to borrow a lifejacket. All you need to do is leave your license with the concession staff, and return the lifejacket by 6pm!

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