Ipperwash Beach


Ipperwash beach is one of the longest freshwater beaches in Ontario. 

There are 3 main access points to the beach just off West Ipperwash Road, Ipperwash Road and Army Camp Road, Ipperwash.

In addition, there are a number of Crown-owned properties operated by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry that offer beach access, parking, and seasonal washrooms. 

Most other beachfront properties are in private ownership.  A crown reservation for public use of the beach was established through the Canada Company Patent of 1836.  

Visitors enjoying the beach are requested to respect all private property, be mindful of others' quiet enjoyment of the beach, refrain from accessing or damaging the dunes, and pick up after themselves.


Are you planning a visit to Ipperwash Beach? Check out the Visiting Us page for information to help plan your visit!


Free parking is available in Ministry-owned lots off the beach on West Parkway Drive or East Parkway Drive.

When water conditions permit, you can also pay to drive and park on the beach between Centre Sideroad, Kettle Point and West Ipperwash Road. No vehicles are permitted on the beach (heading east) between West Ipperwash Road to Ipperwash Road or East Parkway Drive.

No overnight camping is permitted.

Beach highlights:

  • Shallow waters ideal for families
  • Public washrooms and picnic areas nearby maintained by the Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Restaurants nearby
  • Ample parking

Beach safety

There are no lifeguards on duty at Ipperwash Beach – families should take extra caution to watch children.

Beach water quality

The County of Lambton takes water samples at public beaches each week from late May until early September to monitor beach water quality. These samples are tested and monitored for high levels of bacteria, excessive algae growth, or other contaminants that could cause negative health effects associated with swimming. Warnings are posted by the County when the levels of E. coli exceed the provincial guidelines.

View current beach advisories.


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