Capital Projects

Capital Plan addresses the annual rehabilitation requirements for the Municipality's various operations, structures, roadways and infrastructure. Infrastructure planning is an on-going and complex process requiring the coordination and efforts of a wide range of staff.

Capital projects support growth, maintain and upgrade existing systems. The Community Services Department has recently undertaken various Master Plan studies to assist in the decision making process.

All capital projects are advertised and tendered. The Municipality of Lambton Shores will only award contracts to pre-qualified companies. Prequalification intake is ongoing. Please refer to our Tenders and RFPs page.

Current Projects

Enterprise Drive Stormwater Management Pond

The Municipality of Lambton Shores is proposing to construct a stormwater management pond in the Municipality of Lambton Shores to service lands generally described as Lot 36 Southern Boundary (Geographic Township of Bosanquet). The objective of this project is to design and construct a stormwater management pond to provide stormwater quality and quantity control servicing the watershed.

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River Road Reconstruction Project

The Municipality of Lambton Shores hosted an open house on July 10, 2023 to collect public input on the design for a future River Road Reconstruction Project in Grand Bend.

The project's objectives and goals include:

  1. Replace an aging and cracking road surface
  2. Infrastructure renewal (storm sewers, sanitary sewers, watermains and services)
  3. Provide AODA compliant sidewalks for pedestrian travel
  4. Increase available parking for vehicles and boats

Those who were unable to attend the open house were still able to provide their comments to staff afterward.

The public consultation for this project has now closed. Input collected from the Open House will be considered when determining the next steps for this project.

Grand Bend Stormwater Management Masterplan

The Municipality of Lambton Shores has retained Arcadis/IBI Group to develop a Stormwater Management Master Plan to establish a much-needed road map for the Municipality to advance the development of a comprehensive stormwater management strategy to address current and future needs within the Village of Grand Bend (Village).

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West Bosanquet Stormwater Management Master Plan

The Municipality of Lambton Shores has retained the services of EXP Services Inc. to undertake a Stormwater Management Master Plan for the lakeshore area known as West Bosanquet. The area has minimal stormwater infrastructure and as it grows, particularly with intensification and infill development, combined with increasingly intense storm events, stormwater management requires appropriate solutions.

The objectives of the Master Plan are to develop long term recommendations and projects to provide solutions to the existing stormwater infrastructure gaps.

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Class Environmental Assessment to Address Congestion Along the Ontario Street Corridor - Grand Bend

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