Development and Planning

Good planning leads to organized growth and the efficient delivery of services. The policies and regulations in the Lambton Shores planning documents ensure that lands are developed in a manner that meets the existing and future goals of our community.

Current Council planning applications

Zone Amendment Application ZO-10/2018
Gary Vance
Proof Line, Con Lake Road West, Part Lot 71, Lambton Shores
Notice and Maps

Official Plan Amendment Application OP-01/2018
Zone Amendment Application ZO-12/2018
VB Sand and Gravel
9899 Klondyke Road, Lambton Shores
Notice and Maps

Zone Amendment Application ZO-11/2018
Richard and Judy Russell
7610 Biddulph Street, Port Franks
Notice and Maps


Current Committee of Adjustment planning applications

Consent Application B-10/2018
Gary Vance
5419 Proof Line, Lambton Shores
Notice and Maps

Consent Application B-11/2018
Marguerite Craig
8 John Street North, Arkona
Notice and Maps

Minor Variance Application A-13/2018
Wayne Young
10382 William Street, Grand Bend
Notice and Maps


Official plan

An official plan sets out the Municipality's general policies for future land use, and states the land use planning goals that guide development.

Zoning by-laws

Zoning by-laws establish and regulate land use by implementing the general policies from the Official Plan.

Minor variance

If a development proposal does not conform exactly to a Zoning By-law, but meets the general intent and purpose and complies with the Official Plan, an application may be made for a minor variance.

Site plan

Site plan control by-laws require certain types of buildings or developments to obtain “site plan approval” prior to construction.

Consent (Severance)

All division of land in Ontario is subject to subdivision control, either through a plan of subdivision or consent approval to ensure that the new lots are consistent with the planning policies set out in the Official Plan and Zoning By-laws.

Development charges

The Municipality of Lambton Shores has established development charges to ensure there are necessary funds to provide infrastructure and services needed for the growing population.

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