Development and Planning

Good planning leads to organized growth and the efficient delivery of services. The policies and regulations in the Lambton Shores planning documents ensure that lands are developed in a manner that meets the existing and future goals of our community.

Current applications

Council Planning Applications


Zoning By-law Amendment Z16-2021
MFL Properties Ltd. c/o Kyle Ford
Authorized Agent:  Monteith Brown Planning Consultants c/o Jay McGuffin
17 Pine Street - Grand Bend
Notice of Refusal
**Note:  an appeal has been submitted by the authorized agent and forwarded onto the Ontario Land Tribunal**
OLT Case Number:  OLT-22-002903
Click here to view the e-status of the appeal



Official Plan Amendment OPA01-2022
Zoning By-law Amendment Z01-202
Northville Cres
Date:  TBD 

Committee of Adjustment Planning Applications


None at this time


16 Allen Street, Thedford
Legacy Centre

Consent Application B02-2022
William Templeton
Authorized Agent: Jason Timms, Lefebvre & Lefebvre LLP
10096 Ducharme Lane, Grand Bend
Notice of Public Meeting
Notice of Decision - Deferred
Date:  TBD

December 14, 2022 - APPLICATIONS

Minor Variance Application A27-2022
Rizvan Jamal
Authorized Agent:  Reilly Ernst
36 Oak Street, Grand Bend
Notice of Public Meeting

Minor Variance A28-2022 & Consent Application B15-2022
Ruth Slater
138 Elizabeth St., Thedford
Notice of Public Meeting

Minor Variance A29-2022
Mathilda Flear
22 Dietrich Cres., Grand Bend
Notice of Public Meeting 

January 25, 2023
Minor Variance A01-2023
Ron & Betty Anne Saunders
Authorized Agent:  Steve Saunders
6154 Jane Street, Lambton Shores
Notice of Public Meeting

Minor Variance A02-2023
Doreen McGillivray
Authorized Agent:  Monteith Brown Planning Consultants
24 Huron Street, Grand Bend
Notice of Public Meeting

Minor Variance A03-2023
Rev. John P. Comiskey
Authorized Agent:  Platinum Builders Inc. c/o Matt Relouw
10025 Huron Drive, Grand Bend
Notice of Public Meeting

Consent Application B01-2023
1600935 Ontario Ltd
Authorized Agent:  Jake Wellington - Wellington Builders
Amtelecom Parkway & King St E, Forest
Notice of Public Meeting

Consent Application B02-2023
Olia Dallimore
81 Lake Road, Grand Bend
Notice of Public Meeting

Other information

Consent (Severance) 

Consents are regulated under Section 53 of the Planning Act.  All division of land in Ontario is subject to subdivision control, either through a plan of subdivision or consent approval to ensure that the new lots are consistent with the planning policies set out in the Official Plan and Zoning By-Laws. 

Development Charges 

The Municipality of Lambton Shores has established development charges to ensure there are necessary funds to provide infrastructure and services needed for the growing population.

Learn more about the draft DC background study, developed for the term 2023-2027.

Minor Variance 

Minor Variances are regulated under Section 45 of the Planning Act.  If a development proposal does not conform exactly to a Zoning By-law, but meets the general intent and purpose and complies with the Official Plan, an application may be made for a minor variance
Official Plan

Official Plan Amendments are regulated under Section 22 of the Planning Act.  An official plan sets out the Municipality's general policies for future land use, and states the land use planning goals that guide development.

An Official Plan Update is currently underway by the Municipality of Lambton Shores. As part of the review process, extensive public consultation opportunities will be available. Learn more about the Official Plan Update process.

Reports and Publications 

Site Plan 

Site plan control by-laws are regulated under Section 41 of the Planning Act.  Site plans require certain types of buildings or developments to obtain “site plan approval” prior to construction. 

Subdivisions and Condominiums

This process pertains to an application plan of subdivision or condominium pursuant to Section 51 of the Planning Act.

The subdivision process is used to divide land, generally where a new municipal road is proposed, or the proposal would create more than five (5) separate development parcels.  Condominium proposals are reviewed and processed in the same manner as subdivisions under Section 51.

Note:  If your proposal involves subdividing land on a smaller scale (i.e. creation of one (1) or two (2) lots), you may be able to seek approval for land severance/consent.  Please refer to the Consent(severance) section noted above.

The purpose of a draft plan of subdivision is to develop land in an orderly manner by making sure that the proper infrastructure and municipal services will be in place, if they are not already.

A draft plan of subdivision must show:

  • property line boundaries and dimensions of each lot;
  • location of streets;
  • location of school and/or park sites

To obtain a Plan of Subdivision/Condominium application, please contact the Planner.

For more information regarding the process, please click here.



Zoning by-laws establish and regulate land use by implementing the general policies from the Official Plan.

Zoning By-law Amendment

This process pertains to an application for zoning by-law amendment pursuant to Section 34 of the Planning Act.

Zoning Reports

To request a zoning report, complete the online request form. 

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