Site Plan

What is a site plan agreement?

Site Plan control by-laws require certain types of buildings or developments to obtain site plan approval prior to construction through a site plan agreement. The site plan agreement lists municipal standards to ensure that the development is built in accordance with municipal requirements, such as standards of quality and appearance, adequate parking, drainage, landscaping and safe access to the site for pedestrians and vehicles.

The site plan agreement will contractually bind the owner to develop and maintain the site in accordance with the approved plans and terms of the agreement.

Site Plan Application

As per Bill 109 respecting the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force:  the More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022, and the appointment of a municipal site plan approval officer, a site plan approval application is reviewed and approved by staff to ensure the proposal meets the municipal planning and servicing requirements. Once any issues have been resolved, a site plan agreement will be drafted and provided to the applicant for signing. 

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