2024 Port Franks Dredging Operations

Update - April 15, 2024

At its April 9, 2024 council meeting, Staff provided a report (DCS 11-2024) with an update on the Port Franks Marina and spot dredging operations. At the meeting, Council passed the following resolutions:

  • THAT Report DCS 11-2024 regarding the “Port Franks Marina Operations Update” be received; and
  • THAT no spot dredging take place at the Port Franks Marina for the 2024 spring season; and
  • THAT the 80% dredging surcharge be refunded to the confirmed returning slip holders for 2024; and
  • THAT staff be directed to provide a report later in the season regarding ongoing and future marina operations

This information was presented to Council on April 9, 2024 and can be viewed using the links below:

February 7, 2024

Each year, the Municipality undertakes spot dredging activities at the Port Franks Marina. The cost for this operation continues to increase at a rate that is no longer sustainable to the Marina on a cost-recovery basis under the current slip rates.

There are two primary reasons for the increased costs of the dredging operation. These include the current low water levels, which requires the removal of more materials, and the newly implemented Excess Soils Legislation (O.Reg. 406/19).

This Legislation establishes appropriate reuse of soil removed from the river and requires testing to determine reuse options. The soil that was removed in 2023 was determined to exceed the acceptable limits for salt-related parameters and as such is considered contaminated, which greatly limits the reuse and is costly to dispose of.

This information was presented to Council, and can be viewed using the links below:

At the February 6 meeting, Council passed the following motions:

  • THAT Report CAO 01-2024 regarding the “Port Franks Marina Dredging Options” be received; and
  • THAT the 2024 rates at the Port Franks Marina be amended to include an 80% surcharge to cover cost of spot dredging


Want to watch the dredging discussions at Council? Meeting recordings are available:


Per the direction of Council, the 2024 invoices will include a “dredging surcharge” that is an additional cost shown separately on the invoice and is based on 80% of your current slip rate. The 80% rate was established based on the 2023 actual spot dredging costs. At this time, the direction for 2025 operations is unknown.

Invoices for the 2024 season will be sent out in the next couple of weeks and can be paid in three equal payment installments that are due March 30, April 30 and May 15. Alternatively, payments can be paid in one lump sum, due March 30.

The Municipality has established a deadline of March 15, 2024 to request the refund of your deposit for the 2024 season.

Please be advised that requesting a refund of your deposit will cancel your slip for the 2024 season, and future availability is not guaranteed. If you choose to cancel your slip, you can request to be added to the Marina Wait List for future availability of slips.

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