Bulk Water Stations

The Municipality of Lambton Shores operates two bulk water stations, which provide commercial businesses, agricultural operations, and the general public with an option to purchase large volumes of water.

Learn more about our bulk water filling stations by reviewing the Bulk Water Information Sheet or reading the information below.

Bulk Water Station Locations

There are two bulk water stations in the Municipality:

Forest Filling Station

Address: 7875 Rawlings Road, Forest, ON

Map: View on Google Maps

Map of location

Northville Filling Station

Address: 9575 Port Franks Road, Thedford, ON

Map: View on Google Maps

map of location


Creating an Account and Receiving a PIN for Access

An account is required to access the bulk water filling stations.

How to create an account and/or receive a PIN number:

  1. Call (519-243-1400) or visit the Municipality of Lambton Shores (9577 Port Franks Road, Thedford)
  2. Be prepared with information for the account, which may include: mailing address, phone number, email address, and business information (if applicable)
  3. Customers are encouraged to create an account even if only looking at one-time use, as one-time use PINs will expire 24 hours after being generated
  4. Once your account has been created, you will receive a PIN for use at either the Northville or Forest filling station

How to Operate the PIN System

Both bulk water filling stations use a PIN system for access:

  1. Connect the hose to whatever apparatus is being filled
  2. Enter your unique four-digit PIN and press enter (#)
  3. The water will then start flowing. When nearing completion, press star (*) twice and the water will stop flowing (please note: when filling, factor in that once the stop command is entered, the water will still flow for a short period of time before it shuts down)

These instructions are also posted at each filling station.



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