Emergency Response

Lambton Shores Fire and Emergency Services provides emergency responses service to the entire Municipality, with part-time/on-call firefighters responding from five different fire stations.

Remember: if you see a green flashing light, a firefighter is responding to an emergency. Please yield to the responding vehicle and, as a courtesy, pull over to let the firefighter pass when it is safe to do so.

Level of Service: Emergency Response

One of the major services provided by Lambton Shores Fire and Emergency Services is emergency response.

Emergency Response

  1. Basic firefighting services (responding to fires, alarms, pre-fire conditions)
  2. Structural firefighting
  3. Emergency responses to water access properties, and those properties accessed via private roads, private lanes, or private driveways, or fields are subjected to the following limitations:
  4. Vehicle firefighting
  5. Grass, brush, and forestry firefighting
  6. Marine firefighting (shore based and defensive only)
  7. Tiered Medical Assistance services (in accordance with Fire-EMS agreement)
  8. Vehicle accidences
  9. Vehicle extrication
  10. Rope Rescue Services (low angle only - operations level)
  11. Water Rescue Services (surface rescue only - technician level)
  12. Elevator Rescue
  13. Transportation incidents involving vehicles, trains, aircraft, and watercraft
  14. Public hazard assistance services (CO incidents or electrical/natural gas emergencies)
  15. Public assistance
  16. Other agency assistance (EMS, Police)
  17. Participation and support in the emergency plan and operations
  18. Mutual Aid Response Services
  19. Automatic Aid Response Services
  20. Fire Protection agreements
  21. Joint service agreements

Fire Stations

Lambton Shores Fire and Emergency Services maintains and operates five (5) fire stations. These fire stations are located in Arkona, Forest, Grand Bend, Northville, and Thedford. The locations of each fire hall can be seen on the fire halls map.

Each firefighter assigned to a fire station is notified by a pager alert of an emergency that requires them to respond to the incident. Notification is provided by Central Ambulance Communications, operated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care located in Wallaceburg. Firefighters respond to their assigned fire station to don their turnout gear and respond with the appropriate apparatus.

Depending on the nature of the call, more than one of the fire stations listed above may be notified to respond.

Training Division

All firefighters with Lambton Shores Fire and Emergency Services must meet the training standards outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The LSFES training division provides recruit training, ongoing station training, and other program development services to ensure all firefighters are trained, certified, and prepared for any emergency incident within the level of service provided.



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