Important Winter Reminders

Every winter, the Municipality of Lambton Shores and the Lambton Shores Fire and Emergency Services make an effort to share some important seasonal reminders for residents and visitors in the community.

Please use the drop-down menu items below to refresh your memory on some important winter reminders.

Overnight Parking Restrictions

In the Municipality of Lambton Shores, parking vehicles on municipal roads is prohibited between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. This is especially important in the winter season and during/after heavy snowfalls.

Learn more about parking in Lambton Shores

Garbage and Recycling Bin Placement
Please ensure garbage and recycling receptacles/bins are not placed on the sidewalk or roads, especially during winter weather and snow removal operations. The arms of the garbage truck have a 5' reach, so they can still empty your bins if not placed on the sidewalks.
Shelf Ice

If you're walking along the Lake Huron shoreline, you will notice ice build up as the lake begins to freeze and "wash up" along the shoreline. Although this ice might look safe, it is incredibly dangerous and should never be walked on.

Even if the ice looks thick, it is incredibly deceiving. As the ice extends out along the "shelf", it is melting underneath and has cracks/holes forming. This can lead to someone plummeting several feet through an air pocket into the (freezing cold) water.

Here's a great illustration to show the dangers of shelf ice

an illustration of shelf ice

Storm Water Ponds
Storm water ponds are engineered ponds designed to control storm water. Since storm water levels can change suddenly and without notice, you should always avoid the water and surrounding area. This includes staying off the ice and not sledding in the immediately surrounding area of a storm water management pond
Snow Removal - Fire Hydrants

If you have a fire hydrant on or bordering your property, please assist firefighters by removing a 2-foot wide path of snow to and around the hydrant within 24-hours of a heavy snowfall. This helps firefighters in an emergency when every second counts.

Snow Removal - Exhaust Outlets

It's also incredibly important that you check your external exhaust outlets for furnaces, fireplaces, water heaters, and all other fuel-burning devices to make sure there is no ice or snow built up as a result of inclement winter weather. This simple check can save lives.

Snow Removal - Vehicles

It should also go without saying: remove ice and snow from your vehicle before driving. It's not only dangerous to not properly clean ice and snow from your vehicle, it's also against the law. So take a few extra minutes to clear your the windshield, roof, and hood of your vehicle before driving.

Enjoy it!

Last but not least, don't forget to enjoy the winter season. We are Canadian, after all! So bundle up and head outdoors this winter!

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