Places of Worship

Churches and Places of Worship within Lambton Shores are listed below. This may not be a complete listing.


Christ Church Anglican

20 Main Street South, Forest
Phone: 519-786-2634
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St. Anne's Anglican Church

10027 Port Franks Road, Port Franks
Phone: 519-243-1418

St. John's By the Lake Anglican Church

70642 Ontario Street North (Hwy 21), Grand Bend
Phone: 519-238-2489


Baha'i Community of Lambton Shores

P.O. Box 975, Grand Bend
Phone: 519-238-8092


Forest Baptist Church

19 Prince Street, Forest
Phone: 519-786-3480

Pinery Baptist Church

8751 Lakeshore Road (Hwy 21), Port Franks
Phone: 519-243-2144

Arkona Baptist Church

13 Church Street, Arkona
Phone: 519-828-3062

Bible Chapels

Elim Bible Chapel

8457 Townsend Line, Arkona
Phone: 519-828-3076

Forest Bible Chapel

33 Main Street North, Forest
Phone: 519-786-2070

Church of God

Grand Bend Church of God Parsonage

4 Gill Road, Grand Bend
Phone: 519-238-2142

Full Gospel

Grand Bend Gospel Hall

64 Ontario Street South, Grand Bend
Phone: 519-238-2820

Lakeshore Gospel Hall

8908 Fuller Road, Lambton Shores
Phone: 519-786-4040

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall

5959 Townsend Line, Forest
Phone: 519-786-6200


Echoes of Faith

24 Prince Street, Forest
Phone: 519-786-2808

Thedford Bethel Pentecostal Church

143 Anne Street, Thedford
Phone: 519-296-4468


Knox Presbyterian Church

182 Main Street, Thedford
Phone: 519-296-4910

St. James Presbyterian Church

19 Main Street North, Forest
Phone: 519-786-4522

Roman Catholic

Immaculate Heart of Mary

337 Ontario Street South (Hwy 21), Grand Bend
Phone: 519-238-8556

St. Christopher's Church

68 Union Street, Forest
Phone: 519-786-5243


Forest United Church

21 James Street North, Forest
Phone: 519-786-2514

Huron Shores United Church

25 Main Street, Grand Bend
Phone: 519-238-2402

Thedford United Church

Corner of Nelson & Pearl St, Thedford
Phone: 519-296-5657


Junction Community Church

24 King Street West, Forest

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