Inspection and Permits

Fire inspections are a vital component of fire safety in our communities. Lambton Shores Fire and Emergency Services, under the authority of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997, S.O. 1997, c.4, provides Fire Code inspections within the Municipality.

 The information on this page will provide details regarding the inspection program and permit process in Lambton Shores.

Inspection Program

As mandated by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, fire inspections must be conducted "on request" or "by complaint". Other inspections are required by specific Regulations.

The Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management has identified specific occupancies that need to be inspected and outlines the recommended frequency of fire inspections. These inspections include schools, churches, factories, apartments, hotels, and motels.

Learn more about the types of inspections and associated fees

It is important as an owner of a building, property, or business in Ontario that you are aware of your requirements under the Ontario Fire Code.

 Additional Permit Information

Fire Safety Plans

A fire safety plan is a document that contains information specific to the building as it relates to building construction and fire safety features. It also includes fire safety information and fire emergency evacuation procedures for occupants and supervisory staff in the building.

Does your building need a fire safety plan? View a list of buildings that require a fire safety plan

What does your fire safety plan need to include? Use our Fire Safety Plan Template

Planning an Event

Lambton Shores is home to facilities and outdoor spaces that provide the perfect backdrop for your event. When you are planning an event in Lambton Shores, keep in mind that there may be permits and application requests required before you proceed. Depending on the type of event you are planning, please use the links below to find more information about how to submit an event request and learn about permits that may be required:

 Event Safety Plans

If you're planning an event, you may need an event safety plan depending on the location, size, and nature of the event. When completing a safety plan for an event, download and complete the Event Safety Risk Control Plan template, and email the completed version to Lambton Shores Fire and Emergency Services.

Burn Permits

A burn permit is required for all open air burns in Lambton Shores, except for the following:

  • The fire is a social campfire between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. and the fire is less than 1 metre in diameter
  • The fire is to burn leaves in a pile that is less than 1 metre in diameter

A burn permit fee is $50.00

An agricultural burn that consists of dried vegetation along fence lines and in culverts or ditch banks require a permit but no fee. All other agricultural burns require a permit and fee payment.

Request a Burn Permit

To request a burn permit, please use the online Lambton Shores Burn Permit Portal. You will need to sign in or create an account.

Additional resources related to burn permits:



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