Reading your Meter

There are two (2) types of water meters used in Lambton Shores: an electronic meter (ecoder meter) and an odometer style meter.

Ecoder Meter

The electronic meter is an ecoder meter supplied by Neptune. The register on your water meter will look something like this:

Ecoder Water Meter

In order to activate the LCD display you will need to shine a strong light over the solar panel or flashlight activator button located on the register. When the display is first activated all icons will display briefly followed by firmware information. The register will then toggle through the meter reading and the flow rate.

For more detailed information on reading your ecoder meter and its features please refer to the Reading Your Ecoder Meter document.

Odometer Style Meter

The odometer style meter will look similar to this:

Odometer Water Meter

The reading on this meter is 470.73. Your bill will show the numbers before the decimal point or the numbers shown in white (in this example, the bill will show 470).

If you feel that the meter is not registering correctly, you can have your water meter sent away for testing.

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