Roads and Sidewalks

The Community Services Department oversees approximately 700 lane-kilometres of municipally-owned roads (300 km paved and 400 km gravel), approximately 45 bridges and numerous road culverts. The Department also oversees the maintenance of the streetlights that line residential streets.

Summer maintenance

Summer maintenance activities include sidewalk repairs, grading, re-graveling, dust control, ditching, roadside mowing, tree trimming, brush cleanup, road sign installation/maintenance, construction projects, bridge work, pavement patching and more.

Winter maintenance

Winter maintenance activities include snow plowing, sanding/salting, ice blading of gravel roads, snow removal in town and sidewalk plowing.

Be prepared. Check out the road conditions and weather conditions before heading out.

Road repair and rehabilitation

The Road Repair and Rehabilitation Policy outlines a clear process to be used when determining the capital resurfacing, repair, reconstruction and other rehabilitation needs for the Municipality's road network. The policy provides a guiding framework for staff to follow when developing the annual road network capital plan, and sets standards to ensure best practices in asset management are followed.

Report an issue

Complete the Report It form to report any road, sidewalk or streetlight issue.

Road cut permit

A road cut permit is required for the temporary occupation or construction within the Municipality's roadways, boulevards or sidewalks. To apply, complete the Road Cut Permit Application and submit to the Community Services Department.


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