Water and Sewers


We are committed to providing clean and safe drinking water. Our water supply and distribution system is operated and maintained by Jacobs (OMI). Their staff are certified operators as prescribed under O.Reg 128-04.

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Drinking Water

We have two sources of treated water for our system.

Drinking Water Quality Management System

We are required to have quality management systems in place for our system operations. You can review our policy statement and operational plan

Financial Plan

Lambton Shores Water and Wastewater Financial Plan

Hydrant Flushing

Jacobs (OMI) will carry out hydrant flushing from mid-May through September. Residents may experience temporary low water pressure and/or cloudy but harmless discolouration of the water. Should discolouration occur, running a cold water tap for a short period will typically restore water conditions to normal.  Where practical, residents should avoid washing laundry during operational hours as to do so could result in discolouration of clothing.

Payment Options

We have many options for paying your water bills.

Water Meters

All homes and businesses are equipped with a water meter. Depending on the model of the water meter, it is read by an electronic reader or a remote on the outside of your home. You can confirm the reading on your meter by following these instructions to read your water meter.

Other forms:

Standard procedures for residential water meter installation

Waterline installation process

Getting to know your water meter assembly

Important information regarding thermal expansion

Water Rates and Billing

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Water charges are based on a per cubic meter usage charge and a monthly base charge.

As per by-law 68-2020 the usage rate is $3.02 per cubic meter. Your meter size determines the monthly base charge, and the chart below shows the monthly base charge for each meter size.

Water Rates
Meter Size2021 Monthly Base Charge





1 ½”




2 ½”








All utility accounts are billed quarterly. The area you live in determines the billing date. If you live in:

  • Grand Bend or Arkona, you will be billed at the end of January, April, July and October.
  • Thedford, Forest, or the rural area of Bosanquet (excluding Northville Rd), you will be billed at the end of February, May, August and November.
  • Bosanquet (including Northville Rd), you will be billed at the end of March, June, September and December.

Water & Sewer Emergencies

Call Jacobs (OMI) at 1-888-399-1643.

Water Turn On/Off

We offer a free service to turn your water on and off at the road.


Lambton Shores operates, repairs and maintains the collection and treatment portion of the wastewater system. Our sewer collection and treatment system is operated and maintained by Jacobs (OMI). Their staff members are certified operators under Reg. 129/04 made under the Ontario Water Resources Act.

Sewer treatment

All of our systems are in compliance with regulations mandated by the Ministry of the Environment. We undergo annual inspections of our system and plants to ensure compliance with our Certificate of Approvals.

Property owners are responsible for the portion of the sanitary lateral from the property line to the house or business.

We perform sewer treatment at the following locations:

  • Arkona treatment plant – serving the village of Arkona
  • Forest treatment plant and lagoon system – serving the town of Forest
  • Grand Bend Area Wastewater Treatment Facility – serving the village of Grand Bend and western portion of South Huron
  • Indian Hills treatment system – serving Indian Hills Golf Club and subdivision
  • Thedford lagoon system – serving the village of Thedford

Sewer rates

Sewer charges are based on the amount of water used plus a monthly base charge. The base charge is based on the size of water meter installed. All accounts are billed on a quarterly basis.

As per by-law 68-2020, the per cubic meter rate for sewer is $3.30.

Sewer Rates
Water Meter Size2021 Monthly Base Charge





1 ½”




2 ½”








Sewer backup

If a sewage backup occurs in your home contact Jacobs (OMI) at 1-866-786-2421.

For after hours and sewer emergencies, call 1-888-399-1643.

Financial plan

Lambton Shores Water and Wastewater Financial Plan

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