Council Highlights: April 2022

Lambton Shores Council met on April 5 and April 26 for regularly scheduled council meetings.

Council Highlights:

  • Council heard delegations from four individuals opposing the Short Term Rental (STR) Licensing Program
  • An agreement to import and stockpile fill was approved for South Bend Development
  • Council turned down a Site Plan for 20 Main Street, Grand Bend
  • Council considered the draft STR by-law and licensing program and instructed staff to amend the proposed capacity limits from 8 to 10 adults and to exclude owner occupied STRs from the licensing program; staff was asked to amend the by-law and bring it back for approval at a later date
  • A tender for a new ice resurfacer in the amount of $ 109,825.00 was approved
  • Council agreed to provide a portable washroom at the Grand Bend Beach House in the spring and fall outside regular summer operations
  • Council approved the sale of property abutting 9979, 9983 and 9985 North Street
  • Public meetings were held at the April 26th meeting for zoning by-law amendments:
    • 10039, 10045, 10051, 10057 and 10063 Lakeshore Road; the application was deferred at the request of the applicant and the Conservation Authority
    • 9981 Lakeshore Road; the application was approved
  • Council heard delegations from four individuals opposing the STR Registration Program
  • Council approved the STR Registration Program; operators are required to register their STR by June 1, 2022
  • Staff was requested to issue and Expression of Interest to operate the concessions at both the Shores and Legacy Recreation Centre
  • Cornell Construction Limited was awarded the Tar and Chip Resurfacing Tender for $276,572.05

The next scheduled Council meeting will be on May 17, 2022 at the Legacy Centre in Thedford.  The public is invited to view the meeting online or in person.

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