Council Highlights - January 23, 2018 Meeting

Council Highlights

Meeting of Council held January 23, 2018.

  • Council approved the purchase of 7849 Rawlings Road to establish an operations depot.
  • Consideration of Cliff Road Drain and adoption of the report and provisional by-law.
  • Held a public meeting for a zoning by-law amendment at 7922 Townsend Line.
  • Approved a by-law exemption and agreement for construction of a dwelling using storage containers in Port Franks.
  • Awarded the tender for the Pump Station Rehabilitation Project.
  • Enacted the following by-laws:
    • Borrowing to Meet Current Expenditures.
    • Interim Tax Levy.
    • Subdivision Agreement – Medway Homes.
    • Site Plan Agreement – Southside Construction Management Limited – 16 Watt Street.
    • ZBA – 7922 Townsend Line.
    • Adoption of 2018 Budget.
The next regular meeting of Council is scheduled for February 13th, 2018 at the Legacy Recreation Centre, Thomas Hall, Thedford.  The agenda will be available at the end of the day Friday, February 9th at