Lambton Shores Council passes by-law to allow licensed low-speed vehicles on public roads

LAMBTON SHORES – On April 13, 2021, Lambton Shores Council passed a by-law that will allow licensed and registered low-speed vehicles (LSVs) to operate on public roads within the Municipality.

The decision was made in alignment with the province’s Low-Speed Vehicle Pilot project, which launched in 2017 to permit the operation of LSVs within municipalities where a by-law has been passed.

LSVs are generally described as electric vehicles only permitted to operate on roads with a posted speed limit of 50km\hr or less, and are typically used for short vehicle trips within an urban area. LSVs are widely considered to be an environmentally friendly alternative to full passenger vehicles.

In consultation with the Ontario Provincial Police, the Municipality of Lambton Shores reminds the public that the LSV by-law does not change or alter existing rules under the Highway Traffic Act, such as the prohibited operation of golf carts or other unregistered vehicles on public roads.

For those in the region looking to invest in an LSV, the Ministry of Transportation has several technical requirements for licensing, which can be found in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (O.Reg. 215/17: Pilot Project – Low-Speed Vehicles).

More information about the LSV by-law in Lambton Shores can be found online at

About Ontario’s Low-Speed Vehicles Pilot Project

LSVs are a specific type of vehicle that historically have been prohibited from operating within Ontario. Under a ten (10) year provincial pilot project that commenced July 1, 2017, LSV are permitted to operate within municipalities where a by-law has been passed authorizing their use.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Transportation submitted a proposal to make changes to the LSV pilot program that would support expanded participation in the pilot program.