Lambton Shores Short-Term Rental Licensing Program Takes Effect February 1, 2023

Short-term rental owners can now apply for a Short-Term Rental Licence with the Municipality of Lambton Shores, which will be required in accordance with a licensing by-law passed by Council on June 7, 2022. The licensing by-law includes a comprehensive licensing program that comes into effect on February 1, 2023.

In accordance with the by-law, all short-term rental owners will need to apply for an annual short-term rental licence with the Municipality. To ensure applications are reviewed within a timely manner, application deadlines have been staggered in early 2023. The licensing application process is now underway and registered short-term rental owners have been contacted directly with their specific application deadline.

As part of the licensing application, applicants will need to submit proof of ownership, proof of insurance, a site plan, a parking management plan, a plan for fire safety, and proof of septic system maintenance and pump-out servicing if the accommodation uses a septic system. Applicants will receive their licence once their application is reviewed and approved, and the annual licensing fee ($500) is paid.

Although the application deadlines will be staggered, short-term rental accommodations must still comply with all other aspects of the licensing program as of February 1, 2023, including:

  • Occupancy/capacity limits: two people per bedroom, plus a total of two additional people, up to a maximum of 10 people per short-term rental (children aged 12 and under at the time of the rental are not included in the occupancy calculation)
  • Parking requirements: a minimum of one parking space for accommodations occupied by four or less renters, and a minimum of 2 parking spaces for accommodations occupied by five to ten renters.
  • Proof of liability insurance: owners must provide proof of insurance which includes a liability limit of no less than two million dollars ($2,000,000.00) per occurrence for property damage and bodily injury and identifies that a Short-Term Rental is being operated on the Premises
  • Plan for Fire Safety: a plan for fire safety must be posted on site, which includes the location of exits, fire extinguishers, and smoke/CO alarms
  • Renter’s Code of Conduct: all guests must be provided with a Renter’s Code of Conduct before their stay

“Council commends staff for the work they put into this by-law, and we believe this licensing program provides a solution that is uniquely designed for Lambton Shores,” said Lambton Shores Mayor Doug Cook. “The program provides a balanced approach that supports local tourism, while providing measures to ensure these accommodations are safe and appropriately managed.”

The licensing by-law was developed after a substantial consultation period, which began with a consultation notice sent to every ratepayer in the Municipality. The consultation process included a general survey and workshop discussions with residents, short-term rental operators, hotel and motel operators, and other stakeholder organizations.

The final step of the consultation process included a draft by-law and proposed licensing program that was provided to the public for feedback. The draft by-law received over 350 responses during the public input phase, which were presented to Council for their consideration.

“We’re proud of the public consultation that took place, and Council was able to make some revisions to the final by-law based on the feedback we received throughout that process,” continued Mayor Cook.

Those who plan to operate a new short-term rental - or did not register their short-term rental in 2022 - must submit and obtain a Short-Term Rental Licence before advertising or operating.

Information about the licensing program can also be found on the Short-Term Rental Licensing Page.