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Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

Visit the Service Ontario website or the Government of Ontario website to apply on-line for the following certificates and to obtain information to questions you may have about the online certificate application process.

Service Ontario issues these certificates. You can apply for these certificates after the event has been registered by the Office of the Registrar General in Thunder Bay.

Paper copies of the application forms are also available in the Clerks Department at 7883 Amtelecom Parkway, Forest, ON N0N 1J0.

Building Permit Application

Do you have questions about building permits? Visit the building and renovating page for information and to download the application, or contact the Building Department.

Burn Permits

A burn permit is required for all open air burns, except for the following:

  • The fire is a social campfire between the hours of 7:00 pm and 12:30 am and is less than 1 metre in diameter.
  • The fire is to burn leaves in a pile that is less than 1 metre in diameter.

An agricultural burn that consists of dried vegetation along fence lines and in culverts or ditch banks requires a permit but no fee.

All other agricultural burns require a permit and the fee.

Burn permit fee is $50.00.

Open Air Burn By-law

Open Air Burn Fines

Open Air Burn Permit Application

Business License

We do not issue business licenses; however, business owners must comply with the requirements of the Zoning By-law 1 of 2003.

Contact the Clerks Department with any questions.

Community Grant and Vibrancy Fund Policy and Application

Community Grant Stream

We have adopted a “Community Grant Program” to provide limited financial assistance to community groups and organizations in our community to assist with programs, projects, or special events. The program exists to recognize the value of these groups to the well-being and growth of our community and in helping Lambton Shores retain a strong community focus.

Groups may ask for:

  • Financial assistance,
  • Facility rental fee waivers,
  • Staff support.

Community Vibrancy Funding Stream

The “Community Vibrancy Fund” developed through our agreement with Jericho Wind, LP (NextEra), offers financial assistance to provide for programs, project, services, or activities that enhance the quality of life for our residents in the area of health, arts, culture, leisure, heritage, recreation, education, and the environment.

Funding through the Community Vibrancy stream is available based on the terms and conditions of our agreement with Jericho Wind, LP.

Submitting an application

All application forms and supporting documents must be received no later than 4:30 pm, September 15 each year so requests can be included in the budget discussions for the following year. In the event that September 15 fails on a weekend, applications will be accepted until 4:30 pm the following Monday. Applicants must review Policy #066 Community Grant and Community Vibrancy Fund prior to submitting an application. Project Evaluation forms are to be completed and submitted 2 months after the events take place.

Community Grant Stream Application Form

Vibrancy Fund Stream Application Form

Statement of Revenues and Expenditures

Project Evaluation Form

Questions or concerns:

Contact Parks and Recreation department

Thanks to our community groups for making us naturally the best place to thrive!

Entrance Permit Application

Entrance Permit Application

Excess Load Permit Application

Excess Load Permit Application


Display Fireworks Discharge Application

Lottery License

We issue lottery licenses for raffles, break open ticket events, and bingo events to eligible local charitable, religious, or educational organizations. If you would like to host a different type of lottery event, contact the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Raffle, 50/50 draw, Catch the Ace

We can license raffles with prizes of up to $50.000.00 (including 50/50 draws).

Terms and Conditions, Application, and Report Forms

Break Open Ticket

Break Open Ticket events that are not conducted in conjunction with another licensed gaming event and where the tickets are sold within our community.

Terms and Conditions, Applications, and Report Forms

Bingo Events

Bingo Events with prize boards of up to $5,500.00

Terms and Conditions, Applications, and Report Forms

Staff can advise organizations if they qualify for lottery licensing and which category they may fall under. Licensing staff can also direct organizations who may require a provincial license to the appropriate licensing authority.

Contact the Clerks Department for further information.


Please see our parking page.

Repair or Maintenance to Municipal Drain

Please see our Storm Water and Drainage page.

Request form for use of municipal signs

In an effort to assist in fostering community pride and involvement, promoting economic development and encouraging tourism in Lambton Shores, community groups, businesses, not for-profit organizations, places of worship and individuals are permitted to use the municipal facility signs for events taking place in municipal buildings or on municipal property. 

Note: Availability is on a first come, first serve basis and your message may not be displayed on all requested signs.

Online Form

PDF Version

Road Cut Permit Application

Road Cut Permit Application

Special Events and Parades

We are home to many different events throughout the year…from small, private events to large, community events.

Indoor Events

We have a number of facilities available to rent for birthday parties, wedding receptions, baby showers, sports tournaments, exhibitions, and many other types of events. Search our facilities pages to find the perfect one for you event.

All licensed events must follow our Municipal Alcohol Policy and have a Special Occasions Permit from the Alcohol and Gaming Corporation of Ontario.

Outdoor Events

Are you planning an outdoor wedding, family reunion, or a large community event? We have the location for you! Search our Parks Module before you start planning to see what we have to offer.

Applications must be completed for outdoor events and submitted to us to be reviewed and approved.

Outdoor Events Policy and Application

Grand Bend Beach Use Policy and Application

All licensed events must follow our Municipal Alcohol Policy and have a Special Occasions Permit from the Alcohol and Gaming Corporation of Ontario.

For questions or to check availability contact the Parks and Recreation department.


Everyone loves a parade! When planning a parade, please remember that proper notification needs to be given to us or the County, depending on the streets the parade route follows. Details of the event will need to be provided to the Ontario Provincial Police.

  • Lambton Shores Temporary Road Closure Form
  • County – Roads Department – 1-519-845-0801
  • Ontario Provincial Police – Lambton Detachment – 1-519-882-1011

For questions or to check availability contact the Clerks Department.

Taxi Applications

Taxi Driver License

Taxi Vehicle License

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