Lambton Shores bases by-laws on the principles that all laws exist to better the quality of life. They exist to improve life and government. Our by-law staff form part of the Strategic Plan and Vision of Lambton Shores. We aim to provide expertise and education in an efficient and thorough manner while striving to maintain the confidence of our community. Our common goal is simple; achieve enhanced compliance with our by-laws through professional service delivery.

 Commonly requested By-Laws

The commonly requested by-laws listed below are not certified true copies and are added here for your convenience.

Contact the Clerks Department for more information about any of our by-laws.


By-Law Enforcement

Submit a by-law enforcement complaint online.


Short-Term Rental Complaints

To report an issue related specifically to short-term rental(s) in your neighbourhood, please contact the 24/7 hotline at 226-241-8453 or submit an online complaint using the button below.


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