Candidate Information

The information in this section provides a brief introduction of the requirements for running for office in Lambton Shores. The information found on our website is not meant to replace provincial legislation. It provides general information about the rules contained in the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, the Municipal Act, 2001, and other legislation and regulations.

Notice of Nomination for Office

Become a Candidate

If a person wishes to run as a candidate in a Municipality of Lambton Shores municipal election, they must file a nomination paper with the Clerk. The first day to file a nomination paper for the next Municipal general election will be May 2, 2022.

A person cannot raise or spend money on an election campaign until they have filed the nomination paper. This nomination paper will be available online shortly before the nomination period opens.

Candidate Eligibility

To run for Council, on the day the nomination paper is filed, a person must be:

  • a Canadian citizen
  • at least 18 years of age
  • a resident of the Municipality of Lambton Shores; OR
  • an owner or tenant of land in the Municipality of Lambton Shores, or the spouse of the owner or tenant
  • not legally prohibited from voting
  • not disqualified by any legislation from holding municipal office
Offices to be Elected

The 2022 Municipal Election is being held for the following offices in Lambton Shores:

  • Mayor (1) - elected at large
  • Deputy Mayor (1) - elected at large
  • Ward Councillors (7) - one elected per ward

Ward maps:

In addition, voters will elect school board trustees based on the school board they support.

Interested in Running for Council?

Resources that may be of interest if you are considering running for Council:

Filing Your Nomination

The nomination period is now open. The nomination period will remain open until August 19 at 2:00 p.m.

To submit your nomination, you will need to provide three things to the clerk:

  1. Completed nomination form (download the Nomination Paper - Form 1)
  2. Nomination fee
  3. Completed endorsement of nomination forms (download the Endorsement of Nomination - Form 2)

When you fill out our nomination form, write down your name as you want it to appear on the ballot. If you normally go by a different name than your legal first name, you may use that name provided the clerk agrees.

The clerk may require you to show identification or fill in an additional form to prove that you are eligible to be nominated. If an agent is going to file the form on your behalf you should check with the clerk to see if you are required to provide identification or additional paperwork.

Nomination fee

The fee to file a nomination is $200 to run for head of council and $100 for all other positions. This fee must be paid to the clerk at the time you hand in your nomination form. Your nomination fee will be refunded if you file your campaign financial statement by the deadline.

Endorsement signatures

To file your nomination, you must submit 25 signatures endorsing your nomination. Anyone providing an endorsement signature must be eligible to vote in the municipality on the day that they signed the endorsement. In addition to their endorsement, they will also be required to sign a declaration that they are eligible to vote in the municipality.

School board trustee candidates are not required to submit endorsement signatures.

More Information and Resources

For more information and resources, please contact the Clerk

Submitting Your Nomination

Your nomination forms must be submitted in person to the Clerk. Please contact the Clerk to arrange an appointment.

Unofficial List of Candidates

As nomination forms are submitted, the Clerk's Office will continue to update the Unofficial List of Candidates page.

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