Council Composition and Ward Boundary Review

Early in their term, Council adopted their 2019-2022 Strategic Priorities.  The document identifies a number of priorities that Council wishes to focus efforts and resources during their term.  Included in the area of Governance and Organizational Management, Council indicated that they wish to review the current ward structure and size of Council.

In 2020, Council received two staff reports which recommended an independent review of Lambton Shores Council Composition and Ward Boundaries.  The review focuses on the two issues identified by Council being ward boundaries/configuration and the composition of Council. 

The Municipality of Lambton Shores has engaged Andrew Sancton Consulting to conduct a comprehensive Council Composition and Ward Boundary Review. The review will provide Council with a report identifying alternative models for consideration along with a recommendation of the structure that best provides for equitable and effective representation for Lambton Shores to consider moving into the 2022 Municipal Election.

Staff Report 03-2020 Ward Boundary and Council Composition Review

Staff Report 10-2020 Council Composition and Ward Boundary Review Request for Proposal

Phase Timeline

At its meeting of September 29, 2020, Andrew Sancton Consulting presented their preliminary report to Council which provided information with respect to the Ward Boundary and Council Composition Review.

Preliminary Report

Preliminary Report Presentation

Supplementary Report - Deputy Mayor Position

Background Information

Lambton Shores’ Ward Boundaries have not been reviewed since amalgamation in 2001.

Council of the Municipality of Lambton Shores is comprised of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and seven Councillors.

Currently, seven Councillors are elected to represent the seven wards. One Councillor for each ward and the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected at large.

Overall Ward Map

  Ward 1 and 2 dividing boundary Ward 4 and 5 dividing boundary


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