Design and Construction Standards

The Municipality of Lambton Shores has created a Municipal Development and Servicing Standards document to provide a means of standardization for the design and construction of sanitary and storm sewers, watermains and roads in the Municipality of Lambton Shores for both new and reconstruction projects.

The document is updated periodically. A link to the latest Municipal Development and Servicing Standards can be found below, including a brief list of key changes from previous standards.

Municipality of Lambton Shores Design and Construction Standards (2023)

 Summary of 2023 Revisions
  • Added further details on Traffic Management Plans and Traffic Control Plans (Section 6.8.2)
  • Added details on manhole waterproofing and wrapping requirements (Section 3.4.7)
  • Added as-built GIS requirements
  • Updates to the Stormwater Management section that includes the Municipality's Combined Linear Infrastructure (CLI) ECA requirements
  • Recreated the Appendices drawings to fix issues with blurriness and enhance the readability
  • Various formatting changes


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