Short Term Rental Accommodations

The Municipality of Lambton Shores led a public consultation and review of short term rentals (STRs) to investigate the impact of STRs and identify public opinion regarding licensing and regulatory options.

The purpose of this consultation was to identify both the positive and negative impacts of STRs within Lambton Shores and gather the information required to make an informed decision on Short Term Rental Licensing and Zoning Regulation options.

What did the process look like?


Phase 1: Staff Report on Licensing and Regulating Short-Term Rentals
Staff to prepare a report on licensing and regulating short-term rentals (Complete: see Report CL 03-2021)
Phase 2: Public Consultation

Seek public input on short-term rentals in Lambton Shores (Complete).

Public consultation for gathering feedback on short term rental accommodations included:

  • Lambton Shores STR Public Survey (the survey is now closed)
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Online Public Information Centre
  • Direct Mail to Short Term Rental Property Owners
Phase 3: Compile and Review Consultation Results
Collect, analyze, and present findings to Council in a staff report (Received by Council: see Report CL 35-2021)
Phase 4: Present Recommendations Based on Public Consultation Results
Compile and present recommendations to Council in a staff report (Received by Council: see Report DCS 08-2022)
Phase 5: Present a Proposed STR Licensing Program for Public Input
Proposed STR Licensing Program will be made available for public comment from February 28 to March 14. Public consultation is now complete. View public comments
Phase 6: Review Public Input from Phase 5
Staff will review public input from phase 5 and provide in a staff report (Received by Council: see Report CAO 04-2022)
Phase 7: Short-Term Rental Registration By-Law

Staff presented a Short-Term Rental Registration By-Law for Council consideration (see Report CAO 05-2022)

By-Law 29-2022 was passed by Council, which required all Short-Term Rentals to be registered with the Municipality

Phase 8: Draft a Short-Term Rental Licensing By-Law

Staff then drafted a Short-Term Rental Licensing By-Law for Council consideration. By-Law 43-2022, a by-law to License short-term rentals, is now in place.

To learn more about the STR process, please refer to the Council Resolutions and Documents below.

Council Resolutions

The following resolution was passed at Council's February 9, 2021 meeting:

  • THAT Report CL 03-2021 regarding "Short Term Rental Licensing" be received; and
  • THAT staff be directed to develop a consultation process in order to identify issues which could be addressed by a short term rental regulatory program.

Staff presented a draft by-law and licensing program to Council on April 5, 2022. The following resolutions were passed:

  • THAT staff include a capacity maximum of 2 adults per legal bedroom plus 2 to a maximum of 10 adults in the draft Short-Term Rental By-Law
  • THAT the draft Short-Term Rental By-Law exclude owner occupied STRs with one accessory building and Bed and Breakfast establishments from the licensing program
  • THAT staff draft an amended Short-Term Rental Licensing By-Law for Council consideration

Staff presented a draft short-term rental registration program on April 26, 2022. The following resolutions were passed:

  • THAT Report CAO 05-2022 regarding the “Short-Term Rental Registration By-Law” is received; and

  • THAT the 2022 Short-Term Rental Registration Program be implemented; and

  • THAT By-Law 29-2022, being a by-law to Register Short Term Rentals be given first, second and third readings.
 Staff Reports 



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