Strategic Plan

Council's 2015-2018 Action Plan

Council has recognized the need for a focused, collective, and results-oriented action plan to guide the work of Council and staff during the Council term. Council recognizes that - beyond the basic services and activities of Lambton Shores – money and time to undertake successful new initiatives are limited; planning and common purpose by Council are essential for Lambton Shores to make the best of its limited opportunities to improve life and government.

Council believes that it can and will get done the actions identified in this action plan, and that these actions, again, beyond continuing to deliver basic municipal services, will be our highest priorities. We trust that staff will provide their initiative, expertise, and assistance to the extent that time is available to help us achieve these high priorities. We hope that community organizations, agencies, and other governments will work closely with us on these priorities as we all strive to service the residents and businesses of Lambton Shores.

Council generated the actions identified in this action plan during 3 workshops. The first workshop permitted broad brainstorming, the second workshop narrowed the list substantially by assessing each idea based on clarity, importance, and feasibility. The third workshop reviewed the previous results and further narrowed the list. At this time too, the next steps toward achieving each remaining action were identified.

Council intends to get these things done and we believe that we have achieved a high degree of consensus that will allow us to get them done expeditiously.

Action Objective - Branding

We will adopt and consistently utilize a unified Lambton Shores brand.

Action #1 – Wayfinding Signs

We will design, locate, and install a consistent Lambton Shores branded form of roadside signage that will help visitors to identify the key public and non-profit facilities and attractions.

Action #2 – Lambton Shores Facility Signs

We will install a consistent Lambton Shores branded form of identity signage on all buildings and facilities.

Action #3 – Lambton Shores Vehicle Identification

We will ensure a consistent Lambton Shores branded appearance, including identity sign/decal for all vehicles.

Action #4 – Branded Products

We will produce a supply of Lambton Shores branded products (such as shirts, hats, mugs, pens) as a form of recognition for staff, volunteers, visiting dignitaries etc.

Action Objective – Tourism Marketing

We will enhance the quality and quantity of Lambton Shores' marketing efforts to attract visitors.

Action #1

We will upgrade the information and features on our website, and links to other websites of interest to visitors, in order to generate interest and direct visitors to our public attractions and services.

Action #2

We will develop and sustain a social media marketing program in order to generate interest in visiting us and provide timely information.

Action #3

We will upgrade, mass-produce, and distribute printed materials of interest to visitors about attractions, events, etc.

Action #4

We will coordinate our tourism marketing effort with those of other tourism marketing agencies, in order to obtain maximum mutual advantage.

Action Objective – Population Growth

We will take action to attract young families to come to/stay here.

Action #1

We will review our development charges and other development related fees on infill lots, where “infill lots” is defined as existing lots in designated urban areas in the Official Plan and other registered lots in registered plans of subdivision.

Action #2

We will investigate and, if appropriate, initiate Community Improvement Plans that would permit us to offer incentives for the development of affordable homes on infill lots.

Action #3

We will promote Lambton Shores to young families in nearby cities, emphasizing the availability of affordable lots and homes, the lifestyle attractions, opportunities for community involvement, and the opportunities to start home-based businesses.

Action Objective – Infrastructure

We will continue to place a high priority on the repair and upgrading of our infrastructure.

Action #1

We will implement infrastructure improvements in the order of priority and subject to the objective criteria identified in the 2014 Lambton Shores long-term Capital Asset Management Plan.

Action Objective – Support for Volunteers

We will clarify our support for volunteers and community organizations.

Action # 1

We will investigate appropriate forms of municipal support for volunteers and community organizations and adopt a policy clarifying our commitment.

Action #2

We will develop a policy clarifying our response to community group fund-raising initiatives for municipal facilities and infrastructure.

Action Objective – Municipal Workplaces

We will evaluate options and adopt a firm plan for the future employee workplaces.

Action #1

We will undertake a comprehensive study of municipal workplace options.

Action #2

Based on the comprehensive study outlined above, and the phasing plan to be adopted by Council, we will make every effort to implement at least a first phase during this term of Council.

Complete Action Planning Priorities Plan of the 2015-2018 Council Term. This document was not produced by Lambton Shores, so we have no control over accessibility but will make every effort to make it accessible if requested.

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