Strategic Priorities

Council’s Strategic Priorities 2023 – 2026

With the start of a new term of council, it is important to develop a tangible roadmap for council’s strategic priorities and build out action-oriented initiatives and projects to be accomplished by the Municipality. Building from the feedback council members received from the public during the election, and online surveys, the strategic priorities outlined in this document reflect the input of the community, the goals of the current members of council, and the collaboration with municipal staff.

During the strategic priority-setting process, council reaffirmed:

  • vision for the community
  • mission that outlines the town's role
  • Values that will guide the organization and the community
  • Strategic priorities that drive where we focus our energy

The Strategic Priorities include:

  • Community Vitality
  • Infrastructure
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Governance and Organizational Management
  • Finances
  • Growth and Economic Development

Within each strategic priority, there are action-oriented initiatives that create a roadmap for the Municipality to move forward.

View the Lambton Shores Strategic Priorities for 2023-2026

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